Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste comes in many forms and not all of them are obvious. We are all familiar now with:


Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, but how can waste generated by your business (time, resources, heat, water) be reused on site or within your process. We affectionally call this ‘Wombling’.


On a larger scale how can the waste generated by your county be used efficiently and effectively within your county to generate clean renewable energy in a Non-incineration treatment process.


Gas Phase Reduction (GPR) is a non-incineration process from Canada. It has a heritage of disposing of chemical waste, but can deal with any carbon based waste stream:


  • Residential waste
  • Water treatment and biosolids
  • Chemicals and paint disposal
  • Soil remediation and land recovery
  • Hospital and medical waste


This hydrogen rich process produces a chemical quality syn gas for generating electricity from a gas turbine and secondary steam turbine.

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