Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

This our suggestion for a 12 step Sustainability Journey:


  • Access all of the really good, free advice available online and read it
  • Monitor and understand your data to set a ‘Base-line’ for all of the resources that you use
  • Train the staff and set targets and action plans against your base-line
  • Publish your achievements as you progress through the year
  • Reward and incentivise the staff to contribute ideas
  • After you have achieved 80%+ staff engagement, research the best technologies
  • Produce a ‘Paper’ viability study for each and select the best sequence for them
  • Set up a test criteria to evidence the success of the ‘on-site’ trial for the technology
  • Write a plan and find funding to implement this change across your company…
  • If successful, implement and coordinate the roll out plan
  • If unsuccessful, go back to point 7)…
  • Reclaim your Capital Allowances tax


Gates Green Solutions can help you to implement this with (up-to) 2 years, consultancy service, that includes:


  • Detailed advise on Sustainability – Policy writing, Training, Planning, Implementation,
  • Sequencing –Cash-positive, step-by-step process
  • Reduction in running costs
  • Accreditation options and easy options to increase your rating
  • Funding and Grant options
  • Waste management (Reduce, Reuse, before recycle)
  • Improvement in energy efficiency
  • Viability studies on ‘approved’ retro fit technology
  • Viability studies on ‘approved’ innovation technology
  • Effective on-site, off-grid energy generation
  • Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Business and PR opportunities
  • Community and business network events


Energy review from half-hourly meter data and Single building survey £300 Excl. VAT.

20 hours of support per month for £800 excl. VAT.

Contact me for a quote for an Energy Review for sites with multiple buildings.


Our Technologies Include:


  • Monitoring and Specialist Utility management
  • Waste management
  • Building surveying
  • Electricity reduction
  • Water conservation
  • Gas reduction
  • Improvements in the use of Solar energy
  • Energy storage
  • Greening your supply chain – Ethical sourcing and Ethical service providers
  • Renewable energy
  • Off-Grid, on-site renewable energy generation possibilities
  • Non incineration Energy from Waste
  • Wind power


All of the technologies that we offer have been tried and tested and have a 100% money back guarantee.