Balance Buddy Bike Handle

Balance Buddy Bike Handle

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The Balance Buddy is a dual purpose, height adjustable handle, designed for the parent to easily provide balance when teaching children to ride independently for the first time. Even when you let go of the handle, the Balance Buddy stays upright, providing a safe method for both parent and child. Detachable to fit to any junior single speed bike.

The handle can also be used to provide greater safety and an easy method to push or catch your child when riding on stabilisers. Constructed of quality materials and efficient design to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction and ease of use.

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Balance Buddy offers:


  • High quality, non-slip safety grip,
  • Adjustable height control, does not interfere with bicycle operation
  • Durable chip resistant finish
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Dramatically decreases time required to master balance skills
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Replace Training Wheels


The training wheels that many children are dependent on are not always the best option to help them to learn to ride their bike.


Learn to Ride Faster


It’s easier to learn to ride with the balance buddy. It also tends to build trust between parents and children.


Greater Safety


An adjustable removable handle designed to provide greater safety to both you and your child.


No More Back Pain


No More Back Pain for Parent Increased Confidence Dramatically Decreases Time to Acquire Balancing Skills Parent is “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”




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