Product Development

Product Development

Getting your idea from the drawing board to a manufactured product on the retail shelf can seem daunting. There are many routes and many obstacles to get over or avoid. Only 3 out of every 100 ideas successfully make this journey. The 97% that don’t make it are not failures, they just haven’t found their ideal solution for their market.


The successful journey is one of collaboration, no one makes it on their own. There is lots of great free advise available. The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) ran a 12 part webinar titled ‘Navigating the Design to Manufacture journey’ which is packed full of information to help you and can be accessed at: Navigating the design to manufacture journey.




Gates Green have helped many inventors and designers to refine and design their product to get it market-ready, set up a testing criteria and provide opportunities for live in-the-field testing.




We have also helped clients to re-think the application of their product and the inventors open to adapting how their design could be implemented, often find the perfect sweet-spot of Design, manufacturing viability and cost.

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