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Gates Green Solutions – creative thinking and flexible solutions

Gates Green is an environmental consultancy specialising in sustainability. We help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reduce their running costs and implement their first Environmental policy or develop their Environmental Management system (EMS). We do this through a five step process with the audited accreditation – Investors in the Environment (IIE). This accreditation is great for staff engagement and helps to adopt behavioural changes to make that immediate reduction to running costs and establishing a baseline from which to set SMART targets.

For medium to large size companies with an established EMS or ESOS programme, we provide a free service helping them to achieve their ‘year on year’ sustainability and efficiency targets but exploring and implementing various technologies to improve on their usage, efficiency or performance.

These services include:

Energy survey and monitoring
Utility bill review and supplier comparison
Electronic limescale management
Gas boiler/burner management
Voltage management
Lighting solutions
Power factor correction
Air and ground source heating
Solar PV and solar thermal
Infra Red Water heaters
Off grid energy storage
Water conservation
Rainwater harvesting
Aerobic digestion
Waste reduction
Wind and Hydro turbines

All of our solutions are not only viable but in certain instances are either tax deductible with the Capital Allowance Scheme, have a short ROI period or can be 100% funded. The suppliers are verified, accredited, setting the standard in their industry sectors and all products carry warranties and guarantees.

Our solutions help companies make savings in three distinct areas:

1.  Reduction of maintenance costs and downtime in production
2.  Longer lasting capital equipment
3.  Reduction in electricity, gas and water usage