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Gates Green Solutions offer free help and advice on the best ‘Cash-Positive’ route to a making your business sustainable:


12 step Sustainability Journey:


1. Access all of the really good, free advice available online and read it

2. Monitor and understand your data to set a ‘Base-line’ for all of the resources that you use

3. Train the staff and set targets and action plans against your base-line

4. Publish your achievements as you progress through the year

5. Reward and incentivise the staff to contribute ideas

6. After you have achieved 80%+ staff engagement, research the best technologies

7. Produce a ‘Paper’ viability study for each and select the best sequence for them

8. Set up a test criteria to evidence the success of the ‘on-site’ trial for the technology

9. Write a plan and find funding to implement this change across your company…

10. If successful, implement and coordinate the roll out plan

11. If unsuccessful, go back to point 7)…

12. Reclaim your Capital Allowances tax


Sounds easy doesn’t it?

If you had all the time in the world and unlimited resources!


Gates Green Solutions have helped companies all over the UK to save vast amounts of money, by reducing the amount of time, risk and expense in finding the best solutions for their business. We have done all of the hard work for you already.


We have been most successful in the Manufacturing, Sport & Leisure and Hotel sectors, but the experience that we have learnt can easily transfer to other high energy, high resource use sectors.

Martin Slocombe

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Gates Green Solutions can help your company in 4 ways by managing successful

Education, Training and Bespoke events

Integration of new technologies and Innovation in the correct sequence

On-Site Off-Grid, energy generation

Manage utility scale and problematic waste streams

Book an informal call or coffee meeting with us to find out how we can help you for FREE!